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About Us





Happy Trails Preschool Philosophy



Our teachers are mothers as well as educated professionals dedicated to your children's success.  As such, it is our goal to create a rich learning environment that provides a multitude of opportunities to strengthen each student's cognitive, social, emotional and physical development.  It is our privilege to continue the role of caregiver, nurturer, comforter and first teacher at our school while recognizing and respecting the most important expert in your child's life is you. 


At Happy Trails Preschool, we believe that children's natural curiosity and predisposition for growth will flourish when provided a safe homelike learning environment.  An in-home preschool allows the children participation in smaller groups and individualized attention to optimize their preschool experience.  Our goal is to make children's time spent at Happy Trails Preschool the next best thing to their own homes.


New ideas and concepts are presented in multiple forms to engage all of our students' five senses. Phonemic awareness taught kinesthetically (movement) and mnemonically (memory cues) makes learning the alphabet fun.  Routine exposure to music, art, foreign language, storytelling, hands on learning and experimenting helps to ensure children with different learning styles have a chance to understand what is being taught.



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Happy Trails Preschool Mission 


Our mission is to take our students on a journey through different countries and cultures to expand their horizons. Encountering a world different from their own will help to increase their appreciation for our amazing planet and its limitless possibilities.


" You're off to great places! Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting, so get on your way!"  Dr. Seuss

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